AJUMUN 2O24 Conference Evaluation Form

Dear Sir/Ma’am/Friends/Delegates
The AJUMUN planning committee wishes to express their sincere gratitude to all the participants of the 2024 AJUMUN conference. We congratulate the award winners of AJUMUN 2024 conference. But remember that what is most important is not the awards but the impacts your contributions have on the lives of children and refugees. On that note, we sincerely appreciate all the participants for their passionate contributions in offering valid resolutions to the issues discussed during the conference. Both the university and high school students demonstrated a clear understanding and mastery of the policies of their countries, and your resolutions were quite valid. All the papers have been reviewed and will be published in this year’s annual review.

Therefore, we kindly urge you to help us improve in our next conference by filling out this evaluation form. Please, try to be objective as much as possible in order to enable us to improve in our next conference.

Thank You.

Follow the link to fill the evaluation form: https://forms.gle/f8FXQ4GwVvqjfsTs7